Creative space – Theatre VR

Theatre VR is a unique project that allows anyone to experience what it is like to be an actor. You choose a play, a role and then you say your lines, move around the stage, and make acting gestures while the other characters are driven by a computer. Theatre VR is a shared experience so you can enjoy it with your friends or strangers.

After six months of development, the project is at the prototype stage. It is not yet possible to download it and play but we demonstrate it here and there so you are welcome to visit us and try it. There is still a few months remain to the release. Even then we plan to work on the project and improve this unique experience to perfection. We think Theater VR is the kind of entertainment for which virtual reality was created. If you kindly give us your email, we keep you informed about the news and updates.

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Our team has considerable experience with PC games development for various platforms. One of the most successful ones is the 2D and 3D graphic combining game “Gates of Skeldal”. One of its sequels (subtitled 7 Mages) was awarded the Czech Game of the Year prize for 2016 in the Best story category. This title is regularly presented as one of the best mobile platform games.
We can also mention game titles such as Dreamkiller, Ro(c)k podvraťáků, Mutant, Colony 28, Fish or Odyssey.