VIPER (Visualisation of Industry Processes in Extended Reality) is our contribution to perspective and rapidly developing implementation of augmented reality into industry processes.

We cooperate with the top multinational industry companies. Our solutions are supported by academic background.

Virtual and augmented reality offers a wide range of solutions – from basic tools for training and education (using mobile devices) to high-tech solutions for control of manufacturing processes and quality control (various headsets).


Mobile devices

This example of augmented reality is user friendly and intuitive. By means of display of a mobile device super imposed picture of real environment and visual information from the system can be seen

It is quite affordable, available to everyone with any kind of smart phone or tablet. It is the best solution for massive use – ideal for customer´s applications, presentations or training for example. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages such as graphical and speed limits, comfort for use etc.

Mobile devices equipped with Google Tango technology are capable of a human scale understanding of space and motion.

Holographic headsets

Full AR solution is based on specialized HW like DAQRI, Microsoft HoloLens or similar technology. The user is wearing specialized AR HW that provides super imposed picture of real environment and visual information from the system. As headsets are equipped with technologies fully solving orientation in 3D space, there are no additional requirements on top to support that functionality. The user wearing headset has free hands and that way can be fully committed to tasks he needs to solve.

AR headsets are effectively used for training, manual activities (for example services operations) or as a part of Smart Factory systems and Industry 4.0.






of virtual and augmented reality applications in the field of industry and business:

Basic mobile device – The user manual

This manual is a great showcase of augmented reality in use. The print manual is added by augmented reality that displays animations, 3D pictures and text information regarding all device parts, their fittings, and functionality. The original certified manual is presented as not only text, but also as a selected process that can be seen and trained in virtual and augmented reality. It works on any device – mobile, tablet, computer, VR glasses or VR environment as well.

Advanced level – A) Aviation engine service manual

In addition to augmented reality, the user is navigated through all processes, maintenance tasks, and repair procedures while the system verifies all steps, the right order and quality. The application shows animations, symbols and text information.

Using the display of a mobile device or using headsets, super imposed picture of real environment and visual information from the system can be seen. Orientation in 3D environment is based on visuals such as 2d codes or similar technology. Either we can use more advance orientation in 3D environment, possibility to include specialized HW in the technology chain to increase the quality of image detection and analysis.

All product solutions (mobile devices/headsets) use the same data and source code base to minimize production costs.

Advanced level – B) Smart workplace

Instructions are delivered in an easy to understand manner directly to the working place. Individual assembly operations are visualized in place. The instructions are following the actual situation in the working place and the system understands what the worker is going, which tools to use, where the product components are positioned, and which operations are finished. A real time log can be recorded, performance determined, contextual information from MES can be displayed.

The BEST of a Smart workplaces:

  • Contextual aid for manufacturing
  • Lowering the error rate
  • Increasing performance of low-skilled personnel
  • Dynamically changing product types
  • Non-obstructive information presentation
  • IoT compliant = contextual information visualisation


High-tech solution for Smart factory

In this high-tech professional solution, headsets can control all / selected manufacturing processes in a factory. The system monitors worker´s activity. Each device communicates and cooperates in real time with employees and with all the other devices. This augmented reality system supports workers by providing spatially registered information on the task directly in the user’s field of view.

We see a huge opportunity of including Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can in real time analyze the worker’s efficiency, procedures compliance, helping the user to identify problems.