About us

We are focused on virtual and augmented reality and we enjoy it! We are integrated with Industry 4.0. – we apply 3D technologies in the field of business, industry or B2C sector.

We guarantee unique services and advanced skills of experts!
No one else is planning to develop a unique „3D Center“ – its cost exceeding 200 million CZK within a 5 year period. Cooperation with technical universities and scientific organizations is a matter of course.




We are a start-up company with a respectable background supported by a successful company that guarantees sufficient financial and human resources, technical and technological support, knowledge background, investment in research and development.

Our B2B activities

We develop tailored products such as 3D models and animations, virtual environment or tools of augmented reality for industrial sector and trade companies.

We apply virtual and augmented reality to specific client´s solutions in the fields of:

  • training and work safety
  • new products development
  • „Smart Factory“ systems (Industry 4.0.)
  • communication, presentation and marketing

Based on clients’ needs we use range of display devices – various headsets, mobiles, tablets, computers, VR environment, caves…

Our industry solutions are based on VIPER technology.

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Our B2C activities

For households and individuals we develop experience products. We are focused on:

  • fun
  • creativity
  • information sharing

We are not only the experts in the field of 3D games development, but also we create an entirely new dimension of fun delivered by real time shared communication. We are creating the TheatreVR!

This communication platform not only brings you fun being in virtual reality, but also it offers you a new dimension of reality.

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Our team

David Grünthal

David Grünthal


  • Team leader with experience from top management in private /government sector.
  • Sound knowledge in current and future VR and AR industry trends and business opportunities.
  • IT business expertise – CEO at IT company (security solutions).

    Martin Klíma

    Martin Klíma


    • IT Executive manager with serious top management experience within international corporations and research organisations.
    • Expertise in successful projects, leadership and managerial role in several projects focused on research and development.
    • Primary focus on computer vision, optimization methods of big data, computer graphics and human-computer interaction methods.
    • Teacher and researcher at Czech Techical University in Prague, several scientific papers published.

      Zuzana Horáková

      Zuzana Horáková

      HR and Communication Manager

      • Profound experience with project managing, PR and marketing.
      • 15 years of practice with recruiting and diagnostics of personal skills.